US Owned and Operated

Desert Dog Products is fully US owned and operated, from the heart of Arizona. When you receive a package you know where it is coming from and, unless you live in Hawai'i, it won't cross an ocean to get you!

Highest Service

Hand selected, hand packaged, and individually inspected, right here in the USA. Does it get any more personalized than that? We are USDA and FDA approved, and ensure all products we ship match our Quality Control and Standards before being shipped from our facility.

Customer (and Pet) Satisfaction

Hand selected, hand packaged, and individually inspected, right here in the USA. Does it get any more personalized than that? This ensures all products we ship match our Quality Control and standards before being shipped from our facility.


Desert Dog Products would not be where it is at without the help and support of our ambassadors. To learn more about each of these wonderful pups and check out their amazing work check out their profiles!

Hi! I'm Lady

I am a adorable soon to be 2 year old Cocker Spaniel from Philadelphia. I love to swim, and gnawing on chews! Most of all, my favorite activity is snuggling on Mama’s lap, there is no better place in the world!

My most liked job is being a real life teddy-bear as I like being around people, especially when they have presents for me! As you can see I’m a natural model and LOVE having my pictures taken! When I see the camera I get all excited for the pictures Mom takes of me.

You can visit me on my personal Instagram page!

About US

Desert Dog Products was founded in 2017 in Arizona by a team of lifelong dog lovers and owners that were on the eternal hunt for safe and healthy dog treats and toys. We believe in limited ingredients, using only those that are natural and wholesome, where each ingredient is included with the strict intent to benefit the dog’s well being, not added solely to increase profit.

We traveled the road to finding a safe, long lasting dog chew that even the most powerful jaws have to work. It was an intense, fun and interesting journey that led us to places we never imagined.

Using our own really aggressive chewers made in-house testing a great experience leading us to awesome treats like our Himalayan Churpi Chew and Aloha Crunch Bites! As well as using our very picky eaters to develop our line of delicious Food Toppers to increase your dog’s appetite.

Our Products

Each product we offer and create is hand selected, inspected and formulated with some of the finest and most nutritious ingredients. Our dog chews and treats get extensively tested and analyzed to ensure that you receive the highest quality for your pet. We stand behind our scientific analyses of ingredients and add to this by rigorously testing to maintain all our products are safe for consumption and safe to play -sometimes that is the food as well as the toys!

Our Team

Every member of our team has decades of experience handling dogs, training dogs, caring for dogs and ultimately loving them.

Dr. Steve brings 20 years of experience in research and analysis along with his love for pets, along with a keen business eye to help develop cost-effective solutions for the needs of our pups. His interest in health and amazing innovative mind makes our products stand out from the crowd.

Valery brings over 25 years of experience handling and training animals. Her interests are overall dog health and well being, and how to keep high energy and working dogs mentally stimulated.  Many years running ranches, kennels and a background in technology she knows how to get all the newfangled technology working to help complete research, but create reliable gadgets that everyone can use to lead a pup-tastic lifestyle in every home and workplace.

If you love your pups as much as we love ours, we know you will enjoy all the great offerings we have brought forth right here at Desert Dog Products. Of course, our travels bring many interesting items from around the world. We hope you enjoy this journey with us!

Do you want to know more?

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram or send us an message!

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Our chews and treats are grain and gluten free, perfect in addition for a dog on a no or low grain diet. Gluten are often the cause of poor overall body condition and GI upset in dogs who are gluten sensitive.
Our products are made of all natural limited Healthy ingredients. Making it simple to see if our dog products are suited for yours.
Just as people dogs can be lactose intolerant. As such our treats are free of lactose. Our Churpi Chews and Aloha Crunches can be safely given to dogs with a allergies or GI sensitivity.
Our products are made with wholesome ingredients. Our bully sticks come from grass fed, open range cattle. Our Churpi Chews are made with yak milk from free range yaks living in the Himalayans. Our chews and treats contain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your dog and derived from only natural organic healthy sources.
Many dog owners are concerned with dogs ingesting something that could become a medical emergency. This is why our dog products are fully digestible, and do not carry the risks that come with giving dogs rawhide, bones or sticks.
Our quality standards are set high, ensuring the products are safe for your pup. From our bully sticks to our Aloha crunches, all our products get tested and analyzed.
Being a dog owner can get expensive. And who can resist the looks of their pup asking for a treat or new dog toy. We believe that everyone should be able to give healthiest products to their dogs. As such Desert Dog Products focuses not only on the beneficial side for your dog but also on the affordability for pet parents.