Support for Charities, Rescues and Shelters

Desert Dog Products is always looking for ways to use our resources and your support to help dogs in need. Our charitable support comes through in many different ways, humane societies, public shelters, private shelters, even supporting working dog charities and dogs of military personnel that are on active duty orders.

We believe that all these pets have the ability to bring love and enjoyment to the world and we should do our best to show the same to them. As such we partner with all kinds of 503(c) organizations and kennels in order to support these animals.

Additionally, we want to partner with you as you purchase these awesome dog treats and goods. We want to help those shelters that perhaps you have a personal connection, have you bring to our attention shelters that could use the help our products can bring. Occasionally we will do giveaways for these shelters, but importantly we contribute 10% of our proceeds to help – you help us find the needy animals and we do our best to fill the need.

If you would like to support a specific charity, humane society, or shelter then login to your account or click the link below and fill out the relevant information.

10% of proceeds from your purchase will go specifically to your shelter on record at the end of the calendar year. Even if you don’t select one, you can rest assured that your purchases will support humane societies across all 50 states and support first-responder and active military pets too.


Charity and Shelter contributions