Aloha Coconut Crunch Bites

Give some healthy Aloha to your dog!


The perfect dog treat made in the Hawaiian islands, the churpi nutrition with added local virgin coconut oil creates a delicious treat for your dog.


Aloha Coconut Crunch Bites

Aloha Coconut Crunch Bites really are a beautiful combination of fun, love, and health that you can share with your pet. Our Coconut oil infused Aloha Crunch Bites, combine the very healthy Churpi Crunch Bites with a little extra sweet, tropical flavor that adds legendary island healing benefits that can aid your pup’s dental health, immune system, and will help give a shiny, healthy coat!*

These Churpi puffs, sometimes called Yak cheese puffs, are ideal for young puppies that are teething or your aging senior dog that might struggle with a full Himalayan dog chew. Of course they are also A great any time dog treat!

These delicious low-calorie organic dog treats are not as hard as the Churpi Chews, but will make your fur-ever friend work a little to get maximum enjoyment! Of course, your pup doesn’t realize that at the same time, these coconut-infused Yak cheese puffs are aiding their dental health. The crunchy texture helps clean their teeth and the natural anti-bacterial property of the coconut oil adds another level of support.

These crunch bites / yak cheese puffs are ethically produced, continuing the Aloha tradition of giving back to the Aina (land), through both local shelters and local farmers.

Benefits of Crunch Bites

  • All-natural: The ingredients list says it all – yak milk and cow milk, virgin coconut oil, lime, Himalayan salt.
  • Long-lasting: Aloha Crunch Bites last much longer than other bite-sized treats
  • Safe: All our treats are tested for biosafety before being packaged and shipped
  • No meat or hide: Removing meat and hide improves digestibility and biosafety
  • Gluten free, grain free: No gluten or grain removes major stomach and intestinal irritants
  • Lactose free: Made from milk, but lactose and fat are removed naturally during production

Everything we do is aimed at providing the highest quality and safest foods for your pets. Our yak cheese treats are tested for safety at standards higher than expected by the FDA or USDA. So you can rest assured that you are getting both the most nutritious and safe dog treats.

The only thing to do is figure out how many you need to have in the home to keep your favorite pup happy!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Ingredients & Nutrition


Yak and/or Cow Milk 

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Lime juice 


Guaranteed Nutrition

Caloric Content

  1. 9.4 KJ Per Bite (approximately)
  • 71.0%Crude Protein (Min)
  • 10.0%Carbohydrate (max)
  • 1.4%Crude Fat (Max)
  • 13.0%Moisture (Max)
  • 5.4%Ash (max)
  • 0.25%Sodium

Feeding Instructions

Just like any other treat if you are showing some Aloha Crunch Bite love, we recommend you supervising your dog at all times. 

Aloha Crunch Bites do not replace your dog’s regular diet - no matter how much they like them! They are intended as an intermittent treat or snack.

Always have fresh water readily available for your dog.

As with any pet chew or food product, we recommend you wash your hands after giving the Aloha Crunch Bites.

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