Desert Dog Churpi Crunch Bites

The Crunchy snack for on the go!



Desert Dog Churpi Crunch Bites

Desert dog Churpi Crunch is the crunchy alternative to our Churpi Chews. They are great as a quick treat in between snack or for dogs with sensitive teeth. Your dog still will be enjoying the health benefits of our regular Himalayan snacks. Easy to carry in your pocket when your out and about with your pup.

What is a Churpi Crunch Bite?

They are the cheese puffs for dogs. Dog’s will go crazy over these popcorn looking pieces. Made with just milk, lime juice and a little salt, the same simple ingredients as our Churpi Chews. Lactose free, high protein and low-fat makes this great for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The crunchy texture will help keeping those canines nice and clean as your dog eats the their nugget. For different flavors we recommend our tasty tropical Aloha Crunch Bites.

Our Churpi Crunch Bites are one size for all.

  • All Natural, no fillers or preservatives
  • High protein and low fat
  • Grain, lactose and gluten-free
  • Fully Digestible
  • Human grade ingredients and vegetarian

Ingredients & Nutrition


Yak and/or Cow Milk

Lime Juice


Guaranteed Nutrition

Caloric Content

  1. 9.1 Kcal Approximate Per Bite

Guaranteed Analysis

  • 71.0%Crude Protein (Min)
  • 1.5%Carbohydrates (Max)
  • 1.2%Crude Fat (Max)
  • 13.0%Moisture (max)
  • 5.4%Ash (max)
  • 0.25%Sodium (Max)

Feeding Instructions

If you are showing some Crunch Bites love, we recommend watching your pet at all times and using the bite as an intermittent treat or reward. Please provide fresh water at all times for your pet

Desert Dog Crunch Bites do not replace your dog’s regular diet - no matter how much they like them! 

As with any pet chew or food product, we recommend you wash your hands after giving the Aloha Crunch Bites.

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